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Ash & Plumb, Rhythm and Flow Exhibition

Ash & Plumb are delighted to share their next collection of works featuring in the group exhibition ‘Rhythm and Flow‘ which is now open at the lovely Gallery57 Contemporary Art Gallery in Arundel, West Sussex.

The exhibition runs from 24th June through to 27th August 2023. Works can be purchased through online enquiries with the gallery and in person.

Rhythm and Flow

This body of work, in keeping with our general practice, is a continued celebration of ancient visual archetypes through our chosen medium English Oak, referencing specific historical forms generally from in or around the Neolithic period. They have, of course, been translated into our own visual language to create a cohesive and familial aesthetic that celebrates the rich and diverse ancient history of European form.
We have noticed that variations of these forms seem to almost echo across cultures often being revisited and revised in different locations and timelines throughout history, almost as if these archetypes are something that we are inherently drawn to as human beings, this particular psychological aspect is what inspires our work in large part; the ability to conjure a familiarity of sorts through work that is, at the same time, offering something new and innovative.
Each of these vessels have either been aged through the creation of a dark patina or quite literally blackened and eroded by fire, many of the vessels have natural fissures that have been mended with waxed cotton stitch-work, woven together one stitch at a time. Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb

You can view the catalogue of works here: Gallery57 | Catalogue of works by Ash & Plumb

Gallery57 can be found at:
57 Tarrant Street
Arundel, West Sussex
BN18 9DJ, UK

Opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday : 11am – 4pm
Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

From Gallery57 owner & curator Ann Symes

Seven artists are taking part, each working in a different medium. An echo of form, colour, line and pattern bounce between Carolyn Genders’ ceramics and Nicky Knowles’ collage paintings. In contrast, Julie Leach facilitates ‘nature as artist’, allowing the wind to create drawn marks on paper and, together with Jacky Oliver’s linear metal sculptures, they swirl with monochromatic energy and movement. Natural rhythms are also brought into focus through wood grain in Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb’s (Ash & Plumb) characterful vessels and fluid forms designed with historic reference. Amanda Duggan’s pared back paintings express internal rhythms, their subtle surfaces inviting a closer look and contemplation. Lawrence Dicks’ collection of stone sculptures are connected by a sense of the tide; their rounded, pitted and hollowed surfaces are reminiscent of erosion by sea, weather and time.

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