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Joey Richardson and Binh Pho collaboration up for auction

Destiny of Y, 2017-2023
Joey Richardson, United Kingdom | Binh Pho, 1955-2017
Boxelder, sycamore, acrylic paints
10 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches


This is a piece six years in the making. When I visited my mentor and teacher Binh Pho a few weeks before he died, he gave me this blank vessel to work on, our next collaboration. Since Binh’s passing I have struggled to work, although I know that is the opposite of what he would have wanted. He has left a legacy of his art work, a legacy of love, warmth and joy but his greatest legacy is the number of people he has tutored, mentored and inspired. His passion and devotion has taken the wood turned world to a new dimension and one we need to continue in his honor.

Using both Binh’s and my techniques and styles I have paid homage to this great artist. Taking inspiration from his whole life, his escape from Vietnam, his family and his art ‘Destiny of Y’ was created. I have used symbolism and narrative from Binh’s last travelling exhibition and book ‘The Shadow of the Turning’, of which I was fortunate to be one of the collaborating artists. Sadly this is the last collaboration but no piece could contain more respect, emotion and love.

One of the greatest gifts Binh has bestowed up on us is the inspiration to pursue our dreams. We should all turn and follow his path, and dream, transform, live.

A portion of the proceeds from this piece will go to Binh’s children, Benjamin and Victoria.

Joey Richardson

For further information about the piece, how to bid and about Joey and Binh, please click here.

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