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Sally Burnett morning mizzle
Sally Burnett ‘morning mizzle’, Award Winner 2015

The Worshipful Company of Turners Bursary Awards


Bursary Awards 2017 – Request for Applications

Entry Form 2017

For 2017, The Turners’ Company is offering one or more Bursaries, worth up to a combined value of £10,000, to assist talented woodturners to develop their craft skills and to move to a higher level of achievement. The awards are open to UK resident turners whose work is well regarded by their peers and who can put forward a clear plan of how the award will advance their work, expand the boundaries of the craft of turning and raise the profile of the craft.  There is no upper age limit.

What are Turners’ Company Bursaries awarded for?

  • To fund further study, research or training and practical experience for craftsmen and women, who want to improve their craft and trade skills
  • Bursaries may not, normally, be used for premises or other business set-up costs
  • Bursaries may be used for acquiring specialist equipment, provided it is part of the whole request

 What are we looking for?  

  • Well thought out proposals which will contribute to the excellence of our craft in general
  • On the submission you need to explain clearly why your proposals will improve your skills and what you expect to achieve as a result. You may have assistance in writing your submission
  • You also need to give a reasonably accurate estimate of the full cost of your proposals

Who can apply? 

  • You must be 18 or over to apply, and there is no upper age limit
  • You need to demonstrate an ambition and commitment to develop your skills to a higher level within the craft and that you are firmly committed to the craft of woodturning
  • Only those who live and work permanently in the UK are eligible for the award of a bursary
  • The Bursary is available to all Turners; amateur and professional

The Application Submission

Your entry form should include the names of two referees (who should be members of the Turners’ Company, the RPT, AWGB, SOT or APTGW) and must be accompanied by:

  • A short curriculum vitae
  • One or more photographs of turned items made by you, with descriptions of the production methods and materials you employed
  • A written proposal outlining your aspirations and an outline plan of what you want to achieve from a Bursary (techniques; skills; training; equipment; new products)
  • A costed action plan showing how you intend to use the Bursary money

 What next?

All Submissions will be carefully read and appraised, and if your submission captures the attention of the Turners’ Company Bursary Awards Committee, you and others selected, will be invited to attend an interview. The interviews are usually held in London. Those selected for interview will be sent further details of the award process. They will receive reimbursement of their documented travel expenses.

The Interview

At the interview you will be asked to make a short presentation in support of your proposal. You will be expected to show relevant samples of your work, to highlight what you would like to achieve should you be given the opportunity of funding, and generally display a passion for your craft. Applicants will have already been turning for some time and will, therefore, be able to demonstrate a reasonably advanced level of skill.

The decision of the Bursary Committee will be final.  In the event that it finds more than one candidate of outstanding ability, the Bursary may be divided among them or, if there is no suitable candidate, the award will be held over.

The Timetable

Applications must be received by the Turners’ Company Clerk before 15th May 2017.

Those invited for interview will be notified during the week beginning 5th June 2017.    Interviews can be expected to commence shortly after this date.

Details of those selected to receive awards will be published during July 2017.

Queries or Clarification

Queries about any aspects of the Turners Company Bursary 2017 should be addressed to the Chairman of the Turners Company Howe Committee, Peter Gibson.


Bursary Award Winners 2015

Sally Burnett morning mizzleSally Burnett

Sally is a turner of ‘green’ English native wood. Her ambition is to become a full time professional maker and have more work accepted in galleries. A former ceramicist who has produced some really outstanding work that was noted at Loughborough by a major collector, she also has ideas for applying certain guilding techniques to her work. Main award winner.




Emma Cook Natural Edged Yew BowlEmma Cook

Emma has proved a good ambassador in North of England and has been chosen to demonstrate at Harrogate. Her turning incorporates setting for crystal and semiprecious stone and her skill in wood carving. The Company will support her travel to the AAW seminar in Atlanta.




Maggie Wright natural edged African Blackwood bowl with Ebony finialMaggie Wright

Maggie took up woodturning when she retired from teaching in 2000, and has been Chairman of Wealden Woodturners since 2001. She finds woodturning life enhancing, and enjoys promoting the art through talks. Maggie is a past competition winner who is working at bringing an ornamental lathe back into working order and will make a DVD  of the story.




Jean Turner porcpinpotref1_400x300Jean Turner

Jean captured the interest of the judges with a plan to have made a special jig that would enable her to perfect the turning of a three-sided form. She has already developed the technique sufficiently to support the idea.




Andy Fortune Sweet Chestnut and leather hollow formAndy Fortune

Andy began turning full time in 2012, giving up his job as a plumber and his business has gone from strength to strength. He has developed a range of Chestnut finishing products, and has demonstrated at the Ideal Home Show.  Andy will further his knowledge by attending some recommended turning courses.  The loan of a lathe to Andy is also being planned.




Andy Rounthwaite 1Andy Rounthwaite

Andy started turning after being diagnosed with MS and has spent the last 15yrs teaching, producing and demonstrating.  Woodturning has been a lifeline for Andy, and the Company would like to help Andy further his knowledge and techniques by supporting his attendance on some recommended turning courses. The loan of a lathe to Andy is also being planned.

Bursary Award Winners 2013

Joseph Bloor

Kevin Garwood

John Turner

Michael Hanbury

Matthew Corbishley

John Fells

The bursary has enabled the winners to attend training courses, seminars, and some have also purchased or loaned equipment. Michael Hanbury attended a 3 week training course at the Escoulen School of Turning in France as a result of his bursary win. Further information about these winners can be found on page 15 of the Summer 2013 issue of The Turner.

Bursary Award Winners 2011

Timmy Cooper

Jason Breach

David Bracken

Paul Jones

Bursary Award Winners 2009

Leon Lewis

Nick Agar

Rosemary Wright

Sarah Thirlwell

Simon Hope

Tracy Owen

Bursary Award Winners 2007

Leslie Thorne

Margaret Garrard

Susan Harker


If you have been inspired to try your hand at woodturning, visit the Register of Professional Turners website where you will find a UK wide list of dedicated turners, teachers and demonstrators.

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