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Dear Fellow Turners

In these uncertain and unsettling times, it is entirely natural to retreat to where we feel most comfortable, whether that is to our families, our close friends or to communities with whom we have a common bond. It provides a sense of reassurance in an otherwise turbulent world. I hope therefore that you will all feel a strong sense of belonging to the Turners’ Company at this time and, as Master, I wanted to say a few words on its behalf.

First and foremost, I hope you and your families are well and, equally importantly, stay well. Amongst the media noise that can be deafening at times, there is a lot of good advice available about the precautions we should all be taking to minimise both personal risk and risk to those around us, and I do hope you will follow this advice carefully.

I am acutely aware that many members may be suffering from anxiety at this time, whether due to health concerns about themselves or family members, or the prospect of possible financial difficulty in the months ahead. Whilst the Government’s intervention is to be welcomed, it is clear that there will be financial hardship for many in the months ahead. In anticipation of this, a small working group of senior Court members held a video conference call on Tuesday to discuss what our response should be to this, both immediately and over the longer term. This felt very much in keeping with the principles of benevolence and charity that have been embedded in the Livery movement for centuries – our own history shows numerous examples of this over the years. A number of good ideas were discussed and, although some will take a little time to develop, they will continue to be worked on in the months ahead.

We will be in contact with each and every member very soon.

On a personal note, I am very mindful that the formal parts of my own year have reached a premature and somewhat abrupt end, regrettably curtailing a number of events to which I had been looking forward – the Masters & Clerks luncheon, the RPT AGM, the Spring Dinner and many others. Sad as this may be, there is still the business of the Company to consider and I will be ensuring it continues to function effectively and efficiently during this time of upheaval, as well as working with Upper Warden Melissa Scott who, subject to election, will succeed me on May 21st. Throughout this time, I am deeply grateful to Alex and Becca who are seamlessly continuing to run the office from their homes and I’m sure you will echo my thanks to them both.

It leaves me just to wish you well and I look forward to seeing you all again at the earliest opportunity.

With very best regards


Andrew Sindall

Master 2019/20


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