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Cockpit Arts Turners Company Award Recipient, Dave Evers

Cockpit makers are selected for excellence in skill, originality of ideas, drive to grow their business or practice, and an ambition to make a contribution to the Cockpit community.
Following an extensive refurbishment of their Deptford studios site including the creation of a craft garden designed by Sebastian Cox as well as a new Wood Hub that is open access to makers based at Cockpit Arts, all working in different disciplines, Dave joins a growing number of wood turners at this award-winning social enterprise based in Lewisham, South East London after receiving the Cockpit Arts Turners Award.


Working in wood, Dave designs and makes homeware in small batches, unique one off collectable pieces as well as undertaking commissions.

Placing value on a high level of hand skill and attention to detail, he favours the use of unseasoned wood, beginning in it’s rawest form.
Practising in this way, an intimate material understanding has been developed, where pieces are transformed through a dialogue between material and maker.
Throughout the drying process his work evolves as moisture is released. The differential shrinkage that occurs during this carefully controlled procedure, produces naturally undulating curves in the finished objects.

Utilising both traditional and contemporary methods of making, Dave also forges his own turning tools that both inform and inspire his practice.

Passionate about safeguarding and transmitting skills, Dave is a member of the Heritage Crafts Association. He also enjoys teaching on a one to basis and to small groups.

In 2024 Dave received the Turners Company Award at Cockpit Arts

In 2021 Dave received 3rd prize at Wizardry in Wood for a freestyle item turned on a pole lathe, a technique that underpins his practice.

In 2024 Dave received the Cockpit Arts Turners Award. The award offers a year’s studio space and use of a lathe and workbench, for an aspiring or established turner working in wood or other materials. Part of Dave’s commitment to the award is to undertake the certificate in wood turning certified by the Turners Company which he is currently working towards at Black Horse Workshop in Waltham Forest in North East London.

“The certificate has really pushed me out of my comfort zone allowing me to develop my existing skill set as well as providing a solid foundation for future work as I begin to incorporate a power lathe into my practice.”

“The Turners Company have generously contributed funding to many woodworking projects as well as helping wood turners all over the country in a number of different ways. At London Green Wood they have funded volunteer sessions, at Black Horse Workshop they have contributed to new workshop equipment and at Cockpit Arts they have funded the beginnings of the new Wood Hub as well as the continuation of reduced cost studio space for awardees.”

Dave Evers



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