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Woodturning Connect 23 Prize Winners

With 1,000 visitors through the doors of Pewterers’ Hall in just one evening and one open day, it was an extremely buzzing Hall!  The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and enthusiastic for the incredible work on display.  It was a difficult job for the judges, but the results were:

Master’s Mixed Media, First Prize, Stuart Mortimer

For any turned item in wood and incorporating some leather or pewter or both.


Second Prize, Gerry Marlow

Third Prize, Arthur Kingdon


Felix Levy, First Prize, Ethan Phillips

For any piece of turning with no restriction as to subject, size or style


Second Prize, Rodney Page

Third Prize, Stephen Spanyol

Commended, Gerry Marlow and Andrew Mason



AWGB Senior Competition, First Prize, Margaret Garrard

For any piece of turnings with no restriction as to subject, size or style


Second Prize, Roy Weare

Third Prize, Rodney Page

Commended, Stephen Madden and Peter Leach

AWGB Junior (Ray Key) Competition, First Prize, Oliver Secker

For any piece of turnings with no restriction as to subject, size or style (under 21’s)





Bert Marsh Company, First Prize, Andrew Mayer

For any Freeman or Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Turners who is an amateur turner.


Second Prize, Bob Sheppard

Commended, Christopher Scott


Bert Marsh Certificate, First Prize, Mark Barton

For any holder of the Company Certificate in Turning.


Second Prize, Jane Parker

Third Prize, Mark Barton


H E Twentyman, First Prize, Gerry Marlow

Predominantly plain turning, but with a discrete element of ornamental turning.



Commended, Maggie Wright


Fred Howe, First Prize, Arthur Kingdon

For rose turning or a combination of ornamental and rose turning


Commended, Gerry Marlow



The Lady Gertrude Crawford, First Prize, Malcolm Thorpe

For conventional ornamental turning.


Commended, John Krook



Pole Lathe Competition, First Prize, Matt Whittaker

For a piece turned on a pole lathe


Second Prize, Geoff Hannis

Third Prize, Matt Whittaker


The Master’s Exhibition was by invitation only and showcased the finest woodturning in the UK.  The theme was Coronation which the artist interpreted in any manner.  This category was not competitive, however the pieces were viewed by a panel including Nick Humphrey, Curator Furniture and Woodwork V&A, and Laura Chase, Curator, Decorative Art and Sculpture V&A, both at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and they made a ‘Choice Award’ before the exhibition opened to the public.  The public were then given the opportunity to make their own ‘People’s Choice’ Award.

‘Choice Award’ by the V&A – Nathanael Griffiths

‘People’s Choice Award’ – Carlyn Lindsay


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