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Yeoman Programme

The Yeoman Programme provides the opportunity for the winners of the Turners’ Company’s three major award schemes – Bursary, Cockpit Arts & QEST. – who are actively involved in the craft, to build a closer and long-lasting relationship with the Company.

Through the Programme, Yeomen will benefit from the continuing support that the Company is able to provide through:

  • Participating in our events, training and communications
  • Our role as a leading craft-based Livery Company in the City of London
  • Participating in the Company’s social, charitable and craft activities

Becoming a Yeoman

The opportunity to become a Yeoman is by invitation from the Master of the Turners’ Company.

Being appointed a Yeoman recognises the continuing relationship between the award winner and Turners’ Company and the importance the Company places on that relationship.

The appointment is for an initial period of five years, during which we will prioritise the participation of each new Yeoman in training and professional development schemes. After the first period Yeomen will continue to benefit from the other parts of the Programme, including being members of the growing Yeoman community.

Values of the Turners’ Company

Yeomen will be part of the Turners’ Company (the term ‘Members’ is reserved for Freemen and Liverymen and requires a formal declaration to uphold the values of the Company).

These values include friendship, fairness, support of the Company’s activities and respect for the Company’s history and traditions. Yeoman are expected to share these values as part of their long-term relationship with the Turners’ Company.

Programme Components

This is a long-term programme which is intended to provide support throughout each Yeoman’s turning career and is focused on four areas.

  1. Mentoring and Support – such as advice and support for Bursary winners in preparing applications for the Turners’ Company’s Cockpit Arts Awards and QEST Scholarships. Membership of the Yeoman community offers a unique opportunity to colleagues on the programme to exchange information and share experiences.
  2. Helping to build a profile – Yeomen are featured on this Company website and are promoted through the Company social media accounts. There is also the opportunity to submit news for publication within the main News section on the Home Page. Promotion at Company events will include Wizardry in Wood (every four years) and the biennial Competitions. These will include stands featuring the Yeoman Programme and works of individual Yeomen. We particularly encourage Yeomen to take part in future Turning Competitions.
  3. Giving Back – Your experience and profile is a role model for young people and a chance to share your work to support the Company’s Charity, via demonstrating in schools and support of charitable events.
  4. Recognition – Use of the title ‘Yeoman of the Turners’ Company’, a certificate is awarded along with Yeoman badges which can be sewn onto smocks and jackets.



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